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September 21, 2021

What's new in Certa September 2021

<richtext-head>Central Intake Form<richtext-head>

<richtext-para>Onboarding has never been easier. With the central intake form, users can initiate and fulfil requests with just a few clicks. This streamlines the process of looking for, and onboarding, a solution to satisfy your business needs. Users can simply select what type of request they want to initiate, the appropriate Category and Subcategory that matches their desired request, and then finally view and select from a list of vendors that match the requested criteria. It's that easy!<richtext-para>

Central Intake Form

<richtext-head>New Platform Features<richtext-head>

<richtext-para>Certa is going through a complete UI/UX revamp, get ready for Certa 2.0! In addition to a new look and feel, there are several new features that have been added to enhance the usability of the platform:<richtext-para>

<richtext-head2>Task queues for each group and person<richtext-head2>

<richtext-para>A new "Tasks" tab, solely dedicated to assigned Tasks, allows users to see a queue of all tasks that are pending on them (<richtext-para><richtext-para-bold>My Tasks<richtext-para-bold><richtext-para>), their user group (<richtext-para><richtext-para-bold>My Group Tasks<richtext-para-bold><richtext-para>), and on workflows across the platform (<richtext-para><richtext-para-bold>All Tasks<richtext-para-bold><richtext-para>). Within the Tasks page, users can select the relevant queue of tasks they want to view, as well as use filters and "group by" options to narrow down workflows with pending tasks.<richtext-para>

<richtext-head2>In-app reporting<richtext-head2>

<richtext-para>The "Reports" feature allows users to add workflow reports to customized dashboards of their choosing. Users are able to choose either table or chart visualizations and can fully customize reports by selecting which fields/data of workflows to use as table columns or chart axes. Reports allow users to visually keep track of workflows and their progress, status, risk score, or any other details that may be important to keep an eye on.<richtext-para>

In-app reporting

<richtext-head>New Partnerships<richtext-head>

<richtext-para>Certa is excited to announce two new partnerships<richtext-para>


<richtext-para>As a certified Coupa Link Partner, Certa is able to work with the Coupa team, and leverage Coupa’s IT resources, to help facilitate complex integrations between Certa and Coupa that may not come out of the box. This ensures that the 2 solutions can continue to evolve, adapt, and grow together enabling a uniquely integrated technology ecosystem for our clients that suit their distinctive needs.<richtext-para>


<richtext-para>, which provides diversity analytics and solutions, and Certa have partnered to bring Certa’s clients the best-in-class supplier diversity analytics. Supplier diversity is essential for organizations to strengthen supply chains and match the requirements of government contracting regulations. With's data intelligence, Certa's clients will be able to discover suppliers that are led or owned by underrepresented groups such as minorities, women, veterans, LGBTQ+, and others.<richtext-para>

<richtext-head>ESG and Procurement<richtext-head>

<richtext-para>ESG (Environmental, social, and governance) is the analysis of an organization's dedication to social and environmental factors. These factors have become a crucial part of a company's reputation to stakeholders, investors, and other involved entities. With the rise of ESG awareness, ESG risk scores are now becoming increasingly more important to the procurement industry. Individuals are determined to see organizations use their positions of power to drive change that can positively impact the world around them. Embracing and implementing ESG values not only increases employee and customer satisfaction, but it has also shown to increase a company's valuation. In addition, more and more organizations are taking ESG risk scores into account when choosing whether or not to do business with another entity. Factors such as supplier diversity (Certa's partnership can help you with this 😉) and ethical materials sourcing are examples of a company's commitment to ESG. In addition to making sincere commitments, being transparent with the numbers and facts is crucial to gaining trust and building the reputation of any organization; people want to tangibly see the impact that you say you're making. From a moral, financial, and procurement standpoint, adding ESG resolutions to your organization's goals is a no-brainer!<richtext-para>

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