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October 28, 2021

What's new in October 2021

<richtext-head>Welcoming Marc Goldberg to the Certa Family<richtext-head>

<richtext-para>Certa is thrilled to welcome Marc Goldberg—previously Chief Procurement Officer and VP of Financial Shared Services at Dun & Bradstreet—to the #CertaFam. Marc will be leading Certa's Customer Success team with his years of expertise in supply chain and TPRM, as well as his passion for ESG. Before joining the company, Marc was actually one of Certa's clients and saw major potential in the product's possibilities. Now, he's determined to make the customer experience for clients at Certa the best that it could possibly be. We are lucky to have him! Read more about Marc and his role in<richtext-para> this article.

<richtext-head>Central Intake Flow: Request ANYTHING from procurement!<richtext-head>

<richtext-para>Here at Certa, we pride ourselves in our product's ability to to help companies fix the pesky procurement bottleneck. Within the Certa platform, business users now have the ability to use Central Intake Flow to request <richtext-para><richtext-para-italic>anything<richtext-para-italic> <richtext-para>from procurement. Whether it be onboarding new suppliers, making a purchase, renewing a contract, fulfilling an RFP or POC request, or anything else <richtext-para><richtext-para-italic>your<richtext-para-italic> <richtext-para> business needs, Central Intake Flow is a one-stop shop for <richtext-para><richtext-para-bold>all<richtext-para-bold> <richtext-para> your B2B processes. Watch the short video below to learn more or reach out to us at<richtext-para> <richtext-para>and we'll show you how it works!<richtext-para>

<richtext-head>Wizardify steps within your workflows <richtext-head>

<richtext-para>Filling out forms or questionnaires can be a lengthy and frustrating process, which is why Certa now supports "wizardifying" steps within all of your customized workflows. Wizardifying a step allows you to break down forms and questionnaires into multiple mini steps—or tasks—so that the fields within them can be filled out by section. For example, a step that gathers payment information can be broken up into: <richtext-para><richtext-para-italic>Payment Type, Payment Details, Banking Information<richtext-para-italic> <richtext-para>, and so on. In addition, the flow of the wizard is dynamic, so that answers selected for one question or section of the wizard could impact later question(s). For example, selecting a specific country in one section can trigger the appropriate banking and tax information questions for that country in the next section. Both the flow of the wizard and its dynamic triggers can be customized to <richtext-para><richtext-para-italic>your<richtext-para-italic> <richtext-para>  unique business needs.<richtext-para>

<richtext-head>Wizardify steps within your workflows<richtext-head>

<richtext-para>So your CEO has committed to ambitious ESG goals, maybe net zero by 2030? A<richtext-para> recently published article,<richtext-para>written by consulting firm McKinsey, revealed that two-thirds of such commitments lie within your suppliers. ESG and supply chain go hand-in-hand, and Certa can help you implement your ESG commitments through your supply chain and allow you to track progress against your goals. Consumers are now, more than ever before, making purchasing decisions based off of organizations’ values, and maintaining strong ESG practices will pay off tremendously. Reach out to learn more<richtext-para>

<richtext-head>Follow us on Twitter!<richtext-head>

<richtext-para>We finally made a Twitter account 🎉 Follow us for the latest in TPRM, ESG, supply chain, and the occasional memes! Our Twitter handle is: <richtext-para><richtext-para-bold>@certa<richtext-para-bold><richtext-para>,<richtext-para> click here to follow.

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