Your vendor onboarding program on autopilot

A single system to seamlessly manage the self-service onboarding of your vendors, including tax and banking validations to reduce payment failure and manual interventions
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A typical onboarding flow in Certa:


Business user creates an onboarding ticket via Certa


Vendor self-service provides information (including digital W9)


Certa verifies tax and banking info and screen vendor (e.g., OFAC)


Procurement and AP approve the vendor record


Certa pushes vendor information to enterprise system for payments

Is procurement perceived as a bottleneck?

Payment failures, and manual duct-taped processes, slow down your business and add cost

1 million+
entities processed



Fortune 500 companies


Centralized platform

Single system for self-service vendor registrations and all the necessary reviews and approvals

Data verification via 60+ data sources

Instant verification of all vendor information via 60+ data sources including tax and banking information validation and digital W9 submission

Parallel or linear approvals

Faster collaboration between your Procurement, AP and Risk teams

Status visibility

Track the overall progress of request and receive notification when the onboarding has been completed

Internal and external chat functionality

Teams/users can communicate throughout the onboarding process for each vendor and store all activities and comments

Dynamic forms

Supplier forms are dynamic and can change based on industry, product and geography

Manage the entire lifecycle of your vendors or just one part of it

Tailor a solution from individual products or use the entire suite

Certa automates and streamlines your end-to-end onboarding and risk mitigation so that your business can move quickly with less effort