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October 19, 2020

What's new in Certa October 2020

<richtext-head>Adjudication 2.0<richtext-head>

<richtext-para>While Certa already has the ability to make decisions based on risk screening alerts or adjudication, we’ve rolled out a new version which is nothing short of Adjudication on steroids. We’ve now put the alerts in an intuitive hierarchical view, which provides all the relevant information in one place and acts as a single source of truth. It allows you to quickly navigate through different risk areas and classify them as High/Medium/Low/False Positives.<richtext-para>

<richtext-para>Further, we’ve added enhancements that allow you to bulk adjudicate, the ability to adjudicate all the alerts at once, giving you the horsepower to work more efficiently.<richtext-para>

Adjudication 2.0

<richtext-head>Auto Task Assignment<richtext-head>

<richtext-para>Isn't it exhausting to assign the vendor onboarding and management tasks to a large team manually on daily basis as an administrator? With such long-running processes, it becomes difficult for a user to figure out what needs attention. What if the system can plan the day for you and have all your tasks aligned?<richtext-para>

<richtext-para>Certa has designed a feature that reduces your manual workarounds so you can focus on the actual work. This feature will assign the task/step to a user automatically based on a prebuilt business logic that can be configured depending on the requirements. An email notification is sent instantly to the user once the task is assigned. The assigned user will be able to see all the assigned tasks under the “Assigned to” section on the personalized homepage equipped with red flags, and notifications that are relevant to you.<richtext-para>

<richtext-head>Response Versions<richtext-head>

<richtext-para>While Certa already provides the functionality to maintain a version history of responses submitted by a user on the platform; scanning and tracking of these changes in previous and latest versions can still be a painstaking task. Certa has come up with the enhancements where the system will automatically highlight the changes in Red bar. On the other hand, if no changes are observed, the bar color will be Green. This happens on a real-time basis.<richtext-para>

Response Versions

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