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What is Certa?

We're changing how businesses work together. Typically, multiple groups or siloed systems need to sign off on risks before a business can be done and they often rely on manual processes. Certa is a SaaS based workflow automation platform that makes it easy for businesses to manage the lifecycle of their third parties. Faster onboarding, higher efficiency, tighter risk management & increased efficiency - Certa is proven to have done this for startups and Fortune 500 clients alike.

See how we've made a difference for some of our clients:

What are we building?

A state-of-the-art workflow automation system catering to the largest enterprises out there. Our customer-centric approach inspired us to build a platform that can scale to millions of fully-customizable business processes without the need to write any code. In fact, we're such a massive fan of our platform that we run a bunch of our internal processes on it to stay closer to our customer experience. As a member of the tech team, you'll be expected to write software that works on an enterprise-level scale and ideate on new and better ways to use the platform.

100% remote

Since 2016, Certa has been a 100% remote organization. You have full flexibility to work from anywhere in the world!

Work with us

Fully remote work

Fully remote work

Latest tech equipment

Latest tech equipment

Office setup allowance

Office setup allowance

Parental leave

Parental leave

Social events

Social events

Health benefits

Health benefits

401k benefits

401k (US)/
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Why Certers love it here

Shivangi Kataria
Customer Engagement Manager

I thoroughly enjoy working at Certa as it provides me with the visibility and freedom to pursue my passions and be my authentic self.

Patrick McConville
Sr. Account Executive

After 10+ years in the Risk & Compliance space, I joined Certa to accelerate my professional development at a fast-growing, early stage company. I love working at Certa because the question is never ‘if’, but ‘how’.  Our teams collaborate every day to bring solutions to our clients’ most pressing problems, and we’re able to do so quickly and thoughtfully.

Ajit Kumar Satpathy
Configuration Manager

Certa offers continuous learning and exploration of new features, ensuring you'll never feel bored. The possibilities are limitless, and each Certer is a valued member of the team. The organization offers an ideal combination of product, team, ownership, and asynchronous remote work. What more could you ask for?

Divya Umapathi
Solution Design Lead

As one of the early members at Certa, I've had the amazing opportunity to witness the company and platform evolve. I've remained with Certa for 4.5 years due to factors such as transparency, lack of seniority hierarchy, openness to all voices, remote work flexibility, supportive colleagues with growth mindsets, and recognition of talent.

Joey Iglesias
Backend Engineer

I started at Certa in 2019 with the dream of being an Engineer. I was hired on as a Business Analyst to get in the door, and immediately made it known of my goals. Everyone here was fully supportive and even provided me with a mentor and roadmap for reaching my goals. I'm working my dream job now, and I couldn't have asked for a better team to help get me there.

The Recruitment Process

You applied…now what? Here’s what the process looks like after you submit your application:

1. Application review - Our recruitment team reviews your application to see if it’s a good match

2. Phone interview - Phone call with the hiring manager  to learn more about you and answer any questions you might have

3. Assessment - Depending on the role you applied for, you may receive a short technical assignment

4. Decision - Based on your interview, we will get back to you with our final decision

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