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You focus on your company’s procurement and compliance strategic roadmap, let us take care of the tactical.

What we believe

Your business is unique

We like you the way you are. Our no-code platform does not require you to change your processes if you don't want to

Inefficiency sucks

Inefficiency leads to wasted human potential. Manual duct-taped processes have no place in year 2020.

Innovation is the only sustainable competitive advantage

We are and aim to remain the most innovative product in our space. And that means competitive advantage for us and you.

Client success > Our success

Once you become our client, we will do everything possible to ensure your project and personal success. We are well known as the firm that does not nickel and dime clients.

Everyone deserves a fair shot

Certa enables you to provide equal opportunity to minority and women owned firms, and encourage firms focussed on sustainability and other values which align with your values.

Our Leadership

We're a global remote team headquartered in Silicon Valley
Jagmeet Lamba
CEO & Product
Jared Ezzell
Chief Customer Officer
Dudley Brundige
CFO & Partnerships
Vatsal Juneja
Head of Engineering


We are fortunate to be backed by incredible financial institutions, and individuals with deep expertise in scaling SaaS companies

Rudy Gadre - Former General Counsel of Facebook
Bruno del Ama - Co-founder and former CEO of GlobalX Funds