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Benefits and
Use Cases

Comprehensive Risk Management

Automatically conduct full spectrum risk management for third parties (including Security, Privacy, Finance, InfoSec, etc).

Full-Service, End-to-End

Manage the full lifecycle of your third parties –– from onboarding to offboarding –– on one platform.

Alert and Adapt

Automate decision-making according to your business rules and automatically push records to your ERP system.

Single-Pane Orchestration

Orchestrate the coordination of all the groups, systems, and data sources in your Risk & Procurement processes through a single pane of glass.

Core Risk Modules

Supplier Onboarding

Accelerate your supplier onboarding process with Certa. Enjoy 300% faster integration, multi-language support, & comprehensive risk control

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Third Party Risk Management (TPRM)

Integrate this fully preconfigured TPRM which includes Infosec & Privacy, global sanctions lists, ongoing monitoring, and more.

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Collect data from multiple suppliers in parallel processes, and automatically start onboarding the suppliers you select.

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Supplier Perf. Management

Equip your team with performance metrics and SLA tracking of your suppliers ahead of business reviews for renewal.

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Supplier Portal

Consolidate suppliers' business profiles, questionnaire answer banks, invoices & POs, and more - all in one comprehensive view.

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Contract Automation

Manage all your contract needs in one place with hierarchical storage, contract search, Office 365 integration, and more.

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All features

Single Portal

One place to launch new requests, view existing workflows, and search across Certa.

Status Dashboard

Easily view status and next steps and quickly select open requests.

Automatic Drafting

Use your contract templates and clause libraries to auto-draft contracts.


Stakeholders can initiate a request to be auto-routed to customer/supplier, legal and AP.


Get notified and activate workflows before expiration, renewals, etc.

File Library

Easily find the files you need.

Milestone Management

Users make a request by answering a set of dynamic questions, which can be routed for auto-decisioning and auto-provisioning through an existing workflow.

Vendor Directory

Guide users towards existing preferred, high performing, and diverse vendors. Think of this as the Yelp of vendor management.

Milestone Management

Track SLAs and obligations.


Easily add AI (and/or human services) to automatically extract metadata from contracts.


Auto-initiate e-signature workflows.

Global Search

Search the system for any vendor partner, contract, or historical request across various attributes.

Guided Flows

Correctly routes any department’s requests to the right teams and processes.


Approve/reject comments,while Document Compare shows you what’s changed.

Version Control

Certa automatically versions and redlines changes via Microsoft Word. Document Compare helps you track every change.


Our search feature allows for automated metadata extraction, hierarchical structure (e.g., entity / MSA / SoW), and advanced search.

Flexible Architecture

Our no-code open API and RPA framework enables you to integrate with new APIs in minutes.

Customized Reporting

Certa's Tableau integration helps you create complex and export-friendly tabular reports, with drill down capabilities.

Data Encryption

Our data is encrypted using industry standard AES 256-bit encryption in transit and at rest. We also offer "Bring Your Own Key" encryption to protect your sensitive data.

Massive Scale

Scale your operations globally when you’re ready. Certa grows with you.

Full Audit Trail

Track every single edit, view, notification and alert within the system for a 360 degree overview of all activity.

Document Versioning

Keep all prior versions of forms and documents with highlighted changes to provide full transparency.


Privileged Access Management (PAM) via Vault, CIS compliant infrastructure, Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC), One-Time Password (OTP).

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