Reimagine solution design

Data providers and system integrators around the world are realizing that digital transformation requires more than just strategic recommendations and data. While these services are insightful, developing them into a software solution makes them actionable.

To transform a client’s procurement or compliance program, you need a versatile tool to develop a cloud application which can be tailored to meet a variety of customers’ needs.

The Certa Platform gives you the building blocks to create that tool.

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Agile development platform

Certa’s third party workflow toolkit, equipped with drag and drop functionality, and a catalogue of unique features, enables you to build dynamic third party solutions.

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Ownership of your solution

Certa is an end-to-end development platform that enables partners to design and deploy custom third party solutions. While we offer this tool, the final solutions belong to our partners.

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Zero capital expenditure

The Certa platform is designed to empower partners to rapidly deploy third party applications without any capital expenditure. We have eliminated all upfront costs associated with utilizing the platform, and only charge a royalty fee once our partners monetize their solutions.

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