Bring your people and processes together

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The Certa Platform is a single place to manage all third party workflows for procurement, compliance, and risk management. We bring all stakeholders into one platform while mapping their processes into flexible workflows. Our business rules engine and API integrations, allow for instant validations, escalations and approvals, giving you a 360 view into your third party ecosystem.

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Mission control for your third party ecosystem

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Adapt to any complex workflow - no really, try us!

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  • Powerful workflow engine

    Equipped with task queues and collaboration - hyper configured to match each individual stakeholder’s processes, allowing for seamless coordination across stakeholder groups.

  • Forms wizard

    Digitizes all necessary documentation with pre-populated information and approval processes, including stake-holder sign-offs. You’ll never have to worry about paperwork again. 

  • Ease of use and intuitive

    For internal and external stakeholders.

Insights for real-time actions and strategic planning

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  • Real-time monitoring

    Dynamic updates from our APIs ensure you have the most up to date information.

  • Flexible risk scoring

    To rank your partners based on your risk model, with any parameters including political affiliations, ownership and diversity.

  • Audit

    Functionality for version control and transparency into decision making.

Intelligence comes standard

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Enterprise ready

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