Certa is a no-code workflow platform

Certa brings people, processes and data sources together within a unified platform and seamlessly integrates with your enterprise ecosystem
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Certa’s workflow designer toolkit enables you to build dynamic third party solutions that can adapt with your business

UI based no-code designer  
(including SOX compliance)

Highly configurable so that your organization doesn't have to change its business rules, and  easy ongoing changes ensure continuous process improvement

  • Completely UI driven
  • Requires no coding expertise
  • Extensive help text and training videos
  • Maintain all versions of your configurations and business rules
  • Leverage /existing reusable templates
  • Collaborate with colleagues via chat threads within the designer
  • Comprehensive audit logs for all configuration changes
Flexible integration architecture

Native integrations with major enterprise systems and over 50+ data sources. Plus our no-code open API and RPA framework enables us to integrate with new APIs in minutes

Intuitive UX

Personalized dashboards inform the process, ensuring that each users groups know what to do at all times, and what's waiting on them for review and approval

Certa plays well with your ecosystem

Platform Features

All solutions built on the Certa platform get these features by default

Audit Trail

Certa enables you track every single edit, view, notification and alert triggered within the system providing a 360 degree overview of all activity

Parent-Child-Grandchild Relationships:

Certa enables you to create n-levels of hierarchical linkages between workflows to ensure a clean and organized master data


Certa's in-context chat functionality enables internal and external teams to communicate seamlessly


Certa's embedded Tableau integration enables you to create complex tabular reports, with drill down capabilities, that you can export and share with the larger team


Certa stores all prior versions of forms and documents submitted within the application moreover, Certa highlights  changes between different versions to provide transparency when information is updated

Cross Functional Workflow Engine

 Certa' enables you to custom configure the forms, and business rules for each function within your organization

Document Automation

Certa enables you to construct, assemble and eSign documents, applications, and contracts directly within the application

Flexible Risk Scoring

Create multiple scores (e.g. for each group) using your risk methodology and formulas

AI Assisted Self Driving Mode

Easily add AI services to your workflow such as, NLP, entity recognition, metadata extraction, and false positive remediation

Infrastructure and Security

Security Capabilities

Certa’s cloud-native platform empowers clients to securely deploy resilient third party applications. Our infrastructure and data is hosted on Amazon Web Services, and we guarantee best in class security features.

  • Data encrypted using industry standard AES 256-bit encryption in transit and at rest
  • "Bring Your Own Key" encryption enables you to encrypt sensitive data using your keys
  • Adaptive web application firewall and DDOS protection
  • Infrastructure codified and automated via Terraform
  • CIS compliant infrastructure to protect, track and control access
  • Logs continuously monitored by Dell Secureworks
  • Privileged Access Management (PAM) via Vault
  • Anti-virus scanning in ingress & egress for all uploads
  • All production application server builds are containerized, and scanned via Amazon inspector and AWS Containers Scanner
  • End-to-end application vulnerability and penetration testing
  • SOC 2 Compliant
  • Annual penetration testing (third party audit)
Enterprise Ready

1 Million+ Entities Processed via Certa in 120+ different countries and 17+ languages

  • Running critical business functions at scale for multiple global enterprises for over 4 years
  • Modern technology stack
  • SAML-based single sign-on
  • One Time Password (OTP) for third party logins ensures that access is provided only to active employees
  • Role Based Access Controls (RBAC)
  • Vetted by IT Security teams at multiple Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 firms