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Automate compliance rules, defend with evidence, and uphold audit transparency

Benefits and
Use Cases

Scale Your Compliance

Automate compliance rules for industry regulations and requirements (e.g. OCC 2013-29, HIPAA/HITECH Act, PCI-DSS, etc)

Evolve with Your Needs

Keep up with constantly evolving compliance guidelines while systematically enforcing your company policies and procedures.

Minimize Exposure

Form an evidence based defensible position to minimize exposure –– we’ve helped clients through investigation, DPA, and monitorship.

Full Visibility, All in One Place

Comprehensive activity log, dashboards, and reports to make reporting and audits simple.

Core Compliance Modules

Anti-Bribery & 
Anti-Corruption (ABAC)

Enhance third-party risk management with Certa's ABAC solutions, including automated due diligence & sanctions screening

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German Supply Chain Act (LkSG)

Uncover risks directly tied to LkSG by integrating with Certa's best-in-class data sources. Gain full visibility of LkSG risk while streamlining onboarding, review processes, remediation, and ongoing monitoring.

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Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA)

Ensure UFLPA compliance with best-in-class data sources to assess risk factors directly tied to forced labor and modern slavery within the Uyghur region.

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Stay compliant across OFAC, UBO, and shadow sanctions lists with automated screening, ongoing monitoring, and full audit trails.

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Anti-Money Laundering (AML) / Know Your Customer (KYC)

Automate and consolidate your customer due diligence using real-time data intelligence from D&B, Moody’s, Dow Jones, and more.

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All features

Auto-Scoring & Routing

Create rubrics to automatically score input and use those to auto-approve, reject, or escalate the risk.

Audit Trail

Track risk acceptance and assigned controls for internal governance and audit purposes.

Verify Info

Keep your reputation secure with over 100+ integrated data sources.

Personalized Modules

Our rapid-integration modules support personalized workflows which allow you to approve, reject, and escalate cases.

High Risk Alert

Automatically open new workflows based on specific business rules and criteria.

Search & Report

Filter custom dashboard views by risk, risk category, process status, and third party details.

Flexible Risk Scoring

Score your vendors using your risk model with parameters such as: political affiliations, ownership, and diversity, sanctions, etc.

Ongoing Monitoring

Get notified and activate workflows based on monitoring conditions and external screening and scoring services.

Task Management

Auto-assign items to relevant groups and view task queues to see what’s pending for you and your groups across processes.

Configurable Business Rules

Automate business rules and make ongoing changes with Studio that adapt to new disclosures and regulations.

Flexible Architecture

Our no-code open API and RPA framework enables you to integrate with new APIs in minutes.

Customized Reporting

Certa's Tableau integration helps you create complex and export-friendly tabular reports, with drill down capabilities.

Data Encryption

Our data is encrypted using industry standard AES 256-bit encryption in transit and at rest. We also offer "Bring Your Own Key" encryption to protect your sensitive data.

Massive Scale

Scale your operations globally when you’re ready. Certa grows with you.

Full Audit Trail

Track every single edit, view, notification and alert within the system for a 360 degree overview of all activity.

Document Versioning

Keep all prior versions of forms and documents with highlighted changes to provide full transparency.


Privileged Access Management (PAM) via Vault, CIS compliant infrastructure, Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC), One-Time Password (OTP).

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