Certa Play

AI Features and Use Cases

Parse Business Requirements Documents (BRDs) to generate workflows by copy and pasting into Certa AI.

Shorten the learning curve for new business users.

Build complex workflows faster and with ease.

Receive automatic notifications to resolve ambiguities and errors.

Avoid repetitive tasks by applying bulk actions to rules and components across your workflows.

Access our library of best-in-class modules which automatically suggest templatized workflows.

Edit components by telling Certa AI what you want to change in plain English.

Evaluate risks and make informed decisions, simulating the expertise of a human analyst team with greater speed and accuracy.

Analyze existing third party data to derive risk insights across due diligence questionnaires and compliance frameworks (e.g. SOC2).

Extract, structure, and analyze previously inaccessible data and metadata (e.g. end date, jurisdiction, clause identification within contracts and documents).

Receive automatic notifications to resolve ambiguities and errors.

Automate form completion by uploading prior responses to questionnaires, surveys, and forms.

One-Click Document Upload: No need to manually input questions and answers. Just upload your documents, and Certa AI will parse the details.

Aggregate and incorporate live data from the Internet (e.g., suppliers’ websites, news sources, blogs, etc.) for more robust due diligence.

Easy adoption for new suppliers.

Bolster supplier information with federated data from data brokers (e.g., D&B, Moodys, Equifax)

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Onboard customers 3x faster  •  Onboard vendors 3x faster  •  Onboard partners 3x faster  •  
Onboard customers 3x faster  •  Onboard vendors 3x faster  •  Onboard Partners 3x faster