Certa Announces EU Data Residency Program

October 25, 2022

Certa, a leading no-code automation platform for procurement and compliance, today announced a new EU Data Residency Program designed to allow all public and commercial sector customers to store all data on servers exclusively within EU borders. The EU Data Residency Program will be powered by Certa’s partnership with Amazon Web Services, which has made significant investments in an expansive European data center equipped with best-in-class security. 

“Enabling EU data residency is a key step in allowing our Certa customers to retain greater control and a more advanced level of security over their key information,” stated Certa Founder and CEO, Jag Lamba. “Companies are under more pressure than ever to comply with local data regulations, and having it localized to one region helps achieve this goal. The EU Data Residency for Certa program leapfrogs non-EU located offerings to provide greater data safeguards for our customers in that region.” 

Certa enables European customers to choose the right solutions for building robust data protection into their third-party lifecycle management - a requisite to meet many regulatory requirements. Certa’s EU Data Residency Program helps European customers achieve their digital transformation initiatives and increase their competitiveness while enhancing the ability to operate in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. With best-in-class encryption protocols, BYOK infrastructure, and SOC 2 compliance, Certa ensures customer data is secure at all points of the data journey. 

The EU Data Residency Program comes on the heels of  Certa’s expanded partnership with AWS Marketplace, giving Certa customers access to simplified billing and flexible pricing with custom terms and payment options and the ability to easily implement and manage Certa directly in AWS Marketplace.

Certa’s EU Data Residency program is now live. For more information on Certa, please visit: https://www.getcerta.com/

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