Certa Announces Integration with Box Sign; Amplifies Procurement Platform Efficiency

September 20, 2022

Certa, a leading no-code automation platform for procurement and compliance, today announced a technology integration with Box, the leading Content Cloud. Effective immediately, Box’s native e-signature capability, Box Sign, will now be available to joint customers on the Certa workflow automation platform, allowing procurement and legal teams to view, edit, and sign key documents, all within one integrated space.

The shifting procurement landscape has created widespread challenges as organizations grapple with sluggish supply chains, increased risk profiles, and heightened compliance requirements. As corporate priorities shift and require greater overall visibility, it is imperative to have systems in place that allow full transparency into vendors, partners, and suppliers. These heightened requirements often make the vendor process cumbersome and lengthy as both partners work with multiple stakeholders and legal requirements throughout the life of the contract. The Box and Certa integration will add efficiency to Certa’s fully digital third-party management system, allowing for faster onboarding and more efficient document development.

Key features of the integration include:

  • Document repository functionality - one source of truth for all documents. E-signature status and redlining with full control of who has document access.
  • Real-time file versioning - upload and route documents all within the Certa platform, without the need to leave the workflow or utilize an external tool.
  • Signature tags on third-party documents - flexible user interface allows for drag-and-drop signature elements within documents and on third-party papers.

“Certa was created to ease the complexity associated with onboarding, contracting, managing, and maintaining compliance with third-party vendors,” said Jag Lamba, founder, and CEO of Certa. “Businesses are working with more vendors than ever before, so by streamlining the documentation process with the Box Sign integration we’re helping speed the process and ease the procurement bottleneck.”

"Since entering the e-signature space, Box has focused on expanding Box Sign’s core capabilities to deliver a richer set of new and deepened integrations," said Fred Klein, Vice President of Business and Corporate Development at Box. "With this deepened integration, joint Box and Certa customers will save time on manual, repetitive tasks by automating e-signature workflows – while simultaneously reducing security risk by leveraging Box's industry-leading security posture.

The Certa and Box Integration is now live. To learn more, please visit:

For more information on Certa, please visit: www.getcerta.com. For more information on the Box Technology Partner program, please see: https://www.box.com/partners.

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